Please read your coach’s responses to some common questions!

What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Your coach will help you determine your goals and take specific action steps towards achieving them. When working with me as your life coach, you will have someone who not only supports and cheers for you, but also holds you accountable and challenges you.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Sessions are typically 45 minutes, but I hold time on my calendar for a full hour and do not book clients back to back. This allows you a cushion in case you are working through a sensitive matter that requires more time. I do not want to cut you off!

At the beginning of our coaching programs, most clients find it beneficial to combine sessions into bigger blocks so they can really focus on the discovery activities that lead them to a deeper understanding of their current situation and their goals for change. Many clients have combined 2 sessions into a 90-minute block, while some have kick-started their program with a half day power block. Once you sign up for a program, we will work together to design the schedule that works best for you!

How often are the sessions?

During the beginning of our coaching programs, it is highly recommended for sessions to occur weekly (especially if you are unable to start off with the blocks described above). Depending on your specific goals and challenges, at some point it may become more effective for you to shift to bi-weekly appointments. I do not recommend intervals longer than 3 weeks until the end of the program, as this slows down the positive momentum that builds from our progressive work together.

I will add that if you are committed to transforming your life, but are concerned about the timing or frequency of sessions – I will work with you! Do not let the above recommendation keep you from taking part of a life-changing process!

How do we meet?

All of our sessions will be conducted over Zoom video conferencing (information for the call is sent after the appointment is scheduled). And don’t worry! If video conferencing isn’t your thing, sessions can also be conducted by phone.

What if I know I want to change my life…but I don’t know what I want to turn it into?

No problem! Whether you know what you want or have no clue at all, our coaching programs are designed to help you either re-define or figure out what you REALLY want (and why)!

What if I’m TOTALLY feeling you…but I have a completely different issue I want to work on?

No problem! Book the free 30-minute Customized Coaching Consultation and we can discuss your specific needs and design the right program for you!

Do you only work with women?

I don’t! However, since I specialize in helping women, any men interested in my coaching should schedule the free 30-minute Customized Coaching Consultation.

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