A note from Toyah, your life coach…

and the CEO/Founder of 180 Transformations, Inc.

When I first decided to start a company, I had several ideas but everything clicked when I began to look into life coaching.

I wanted a company that would focus on changing lives.

And to take it a step further, I wanted the company to offer complete transformative processes that would help people make themselves and their lives radically different.

At 180 Transformations, we recognize that women notoriously put themselves last and we are passionate about helping them reclaim their lives, decrease their stress, and increase their fulfillment and happiness.

As a company, we believe happiness is a viable, important, and often forgotten goal. So, we advocate for everyone to live their BEST lives – thus improving both their experiences and their impact.

And this is why the coaching programs are designed to help you Change your life, live your life, LOVE your life!

Now, if you’re interested in working with me, some of you may already be saying “YAESSSS” and feel SO ready for this…

…but for some, the mere THOUGHT of change may have you even MORE stressed out.

So, I want to speak to this group and tell you why you have nothing to fear. Your transformation will be EXCITING!

But first, take a deep breath and walk with me for just a second through my “nerdiness”…

According to Math is Fun,…yep, you read that right. I’m bringing my favorite subject into this…

I did warn you…so…

According to Math is Fun, a transformation is changing a shape – using turn, flip, slide, or resize.

I know, I know…you’re not excited…


And you’re wondering what in the WORLD does this have to do with me??? And what shape are we changing???

OK, so a shape is defined as the specified condition or state of someone or something…

We are going to change the condition of your life and the state of your mind and soul!

Ooo…now that’s starting to sound exciting, right?

So…are we turning, flipping, sliding, or resizing???

ALL 4!!!

We are going to resize YOUR position in YOUR life…I mean, you CANNOT continue to be the least important person in your OWN life!!!

We are going to slide through this process. You will not be uprooted and shoved into changes you aren’t ready for. You will remain grounded, with smooth continuous contact with your coach (me!) as you move through the process.

We are going to flip the script that is playing in your head, which is when your personal transformation will propel you to…


And by turn things around, I mean COMPLETELY around. Like, 180 degrees!

NOW are you excited???

Are you ready to get started???

Haven’t reviewed your options for working together yet?

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