Toyah has helped me to take control of the stress – something I didn’t think was possible.


Just like with fitness and weight loss goals, you need someone to hold you accountable to your personal and professional goals. Having Toyah as an accountability partner has helped keep me on track to achieve more of my goals.

Like most women today I was constantly running around in so many directions trying to achieve goals in my career, family life, and live up to societal standards.  Toyah’s coaching has given me the tools I need to cut through the noise of everyday life and focus on meaningful changes to eliminate stress and create balance in my life.  I always thought stress was inevitable and something that you had to buckle up and power through, but Toyah has helped me to take control of the stress – something I didn’t think was possible.

Kathleen Back

I don’t feel so lost or overwhelmed anymore!


Toyah is bright, personable, and extremely helpful!  Toyah has helped me gain clarity in how I structure my time so that I don’t feel so lost or overwhelmed anymore!  She cheers me on, helps me make sense, and even ties together pieces I didn’t even realize were interconnected.  I always look forward to coaching sessions with Toyah!

I definitely recommend Toyah to help you get to the next level in your daily productivity and in your life!

Amy Chiang

I especially recommend working with Toyah if you are a busy and overworked woman


Often times I am functioning in many different roles: wife, mother, professional, PTA President, Girl Scout Troup Leader and so much more.  As a list person, I am constantly writing down what I have to do and checking off of my list, squeezing in me between the mountain of things I need to achieve.  There was still that feeling of being on a hamster wheel even though I was accomplishing things.  I didn’t feel satisfied that I was living up to my potential and stressing that I was not going to achieve all of my goals.

When I began working with Toyah, it was like I was giving myself permission to slow down, assess and make some changes.  I love everything about her discovery process and I love working on my goals, making a plan for my success with my new realized priorities in mind.  While Toyah’s coaching is not therapy, I did have a few personal discoveries and developed a plan of action to fulfill more of my goals and prioritize balance.

I emphatically recommend working with a life coach.  I especially recommend working with Toyah if you are a busy and overworked woman who wants to get a handle on your current life and start living a better life.

Kandice Richardson Fowler

Toyah does an exceptional job exploring what is important and meaningful to me…


…She is an attentive listener and helps me to discover what it is that I want to accomplish.

I always am encouraged by Toyah’s open and engaged presence in our sessions.  She tracks so well, even when I go on tangents.  She does a great job balancing letting me say all that I need to say, while keeping my goal in focus.

Through thoughtful and relevant questions, she helps me mine for my own inner wisdom.  At the end of my coaching sessions with Toyah, I always feel that I have great clarity and solid ideas for moving forward with whatever challenge I am facing.

Mindy Durias

You have really helped me gain clarity


Thank you for all of your help and guidance thus far.  You have really helped me gain clarity in my work and personal life.  This has given me a huge insight as to what is important vs. what I ‘thought’ was important to me.

Just by knowing what areas I should be focusing on in order to reach certain goals has been a real game changer.  I now have some great tools to help me along the way, thanks to your coaching techniques.

Hafeezah Ausar

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