It’s Time to Kick our Minimizing Habit to the CURB!

While I was in the final stages of working on this website, I went over to my parents’ house so my mom could help pick which photos of me to use for the site. You see, although I liked them…there was something wrong with every option so I needed mama’s help!

Oh…why was I even bothering with imperfect pictures?

Well, on top of the fact that most of us will almost always find SOMEthing wrong with a photo…

I decided, NO I am NOT going to wait until I have someone take “better” pictures of me…I am using these selfies (yes, selfies) that I DO like, DESPITE their flaws, and I AM MOVING FORWARD!

And so, after receiving my mother’s input, I was ready with my (well, our) selections…

But…once uploaded, I kept looking at my home page and the picture we selected just looked TOO BIG.

I kept scrolling UP and DOWN the page, comparing how big MY picture was in relation to the others…

It just didn’t feel right…

So, I started minimizing.

Trying to get that perfectly REDUCED ratio that wouldn’t look so…well, in your face.

Initially those reductions looked fine…but then when I added text below it…I turned blurry.


So, I thought “let me move that text above my picture”…

Still blurry.


I spent HOURS trying to get the perfect REDUCED dimensions to work…

Until I heard a voice in my head that said…

“Go ahead and be big and bold!”

…so I tried it…

And lo and behold…at FULL size, all of the problems disappeared!

When I saw this happen, I thought of how this relates to real life.

As we play the role of the editor, we are constantly adjusting ourselves to make things work.

And as we play the photo, we are shrinking and losing our original composition.

Sound familiar?

Have you been minimizing YOUR ratio to everything and everyone else in YOUR life?

Have you become a blur compared to your real, true self?

Are you making yourself small so you don’t stand out too much?

Don’t you think it’s time to kick that habit to the curb!???

Let me tell you, that as a person who is all about BEING ME and taking control of MY life…

It feels SO good!

So, let’s pinky swear to each other:

No more comparing our image to another!

No more shrinking down so we don’t outshine someone else.

Reclaim Your Life!

Reassess who and what you’re giving all your energy to and make changes so you have time for YOU and pursuing the things that would make YOU happier!



You can hold yourself accountable by posting below or sharing with someone in your life one thing you will STOP doing and one thing you will START doing!

Wait…did I lose you at ready???

Does this sound good, but you are at a complete lost and don’t know HOW to get from point A to point B?

That happens sometimes.

We say YES!!! I soooo need to do that!!!

…but in the back of our minds we’re already doubting that we can actually make the change.

When this happens, sometimes we just need some one-on-one guidance to help us operate in a new way!

So, if you’d like to read up on how working with me as your life coach can help you feel like yourself again, click below:

OR you can go ahead and schedule your free 30-minute consultation now…

…before you get sucked into doing something else…

…for someone else…

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1 thought on “It’s Time to Kick our Minimizing Habit to the CURB!”

  1. I love this article. I am feeling it because as a curvy tall woman of color, I notice at times I hunch, and do other physical things, so it is not just behavior and emotions. Can’t wait to read more of your blog. Its like a tune up for what we worked on during your appointments.

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