Welcome to 180 Transformations!

I’m Toyah, a certified professional life coach who is dedicated to helping you change your life so you have more time and energy for YOU!

SO many of us women feel SO responsible for SO much in our lives.

We are working HARD as mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, employees, bosses…, I mean really at ANY role that is focused outside of ourselves!

And sure, we get a level of satisfaction from this…yet, we are still left feeling something is missing…and we end up not having the time or the energy to do more of what would increase our happiness.

BEFORE my 180 transformation…

I used to be part of the self-sacrificing club. My job came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in my life and although I was already extremely productive, I would actually PRAY to be even MORE productive!

I ignored the signs my body was giving me that I was doing too much. My superpower was getting it done at all costs…and I was paying a cost with my own physical and mental health!

Fortunately, my health forced me to take a break which put me on the couch with plenty of time to reassess my life. And I realized…

The “A+++” effort I was giving to my job was the polar opposite of the “F” I was giving to me!

I was a fun person who RARELY did anything fun! I knew I could not continue working day and night, but I had done it for so long that I had to really redefine what my 41-year-old self considered fun.

Somehow I was still considered a happy person

…but I knew for a fact that I was not actually happy…

AFTER my 180 transformation…

I have recrafted my life so my time is spent on what is truly important to me, which now also includes doing things I enjoy OUTSIDE OF WORK!

I purposefully balance work, play, and straight up relaxation.

I am living my BEST life and I want you to live yours too!

So, let me tell you about me as a coach.

I am on a mission to advocate for women to release the stress they’ve been feeling, take control of their lives, and give themselves permission to do what makes THEM happy!

“…When I began working with Toyah it was like I was giving myself permission to slow down, assess and make some changes…”

Kandice Richardson Fowler

I am passionate about helping you live your BEST life - one where your family, work, and friends are still important...but SO ARE YOU! With caring and honesty, I am here to help shift your perspective and motivate you for change!

“…You have really helped me gain clarity in my work and personal life.  This has given me a huge insight as to what is important vs. what I ‘thought’ was important to me…”

Hafeezah Ausar

Are you ready to free yourself and reclaim your life?

Want more information about me first?

I totally understand. Getting real about your life with a stranger isn't something we do every day, right?

Plus, you don't have time to waste! I get it!

So let me bottom line a few things for you.

What's most important to me?

My spirituality, having peace, being well, being happy, and helping others.

Who's most important to me?

Brace yourself...this is where I just might rock your world...


Yep, I said it...

Does this mean I'm selfish? Or that I'm a coach that will try to push you into neglecting your loved ones so you can "do you"?

Not at all!

I've just learned the hard way that I am no benefit to ANYONE if I am not well. And the degree that we feel stressed out, unfulfilled, and unhappy negatively affects our mental and physical wellness.

I mean, you can't give what you don't have! And ladies, I know...we sure like to give don't we?

So, do I compromise and make accommodations for the people I love? Of course! But I keep my peace, wellness, and happiness forefront within my decision making process!

Wait...were you wanting to know more about my education, career, and certifications?


OK, again - I'll bottom line this.

  • USC alumni (B.S. from Marshall School of Business)
  • 18-year career in corporate retail (I was ALL about creating and improving processes to make things better...However, what I MOST enjoyed was helping PEOPLE to be better through training, development, and mentorship)
  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) certification from Coach Training World (International Coach Federation-accredited training)
  • WPCC (Whole Person Certified Coach) certification from Coach Training World (International Coach Federation-accredited training)


I strongly believe in continual learning to bring the best value to my clients. So, as I began to recognize patterns in what I was hearing from them, I followed up with additional certifications and training directly relating to your specific needs!

  • Certified Goal Success Life Coach, certification from Transformation Academy
  • Stress Management Life Coaching training, certificate of completion from Empowerment Expert Academy
  • Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed training

Heard enough about me?

Ready to learn how we can work together so you can change your life, live your life, and LOVE your life?

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