Why Giving Your All is NOT Working!

We are giving.

We are giving ALL we have.

To our families, to our jobs, to our communities…to everyone but ourselves.

And this is a problem.

Some of us are celebrated for this giving, while many of us go totally unappreciated.

And both scenarios make the problem worse.

We are plagued by the belief that we HAVE to do all that we’re doing.

They NEED us…

NO ONE else can do it…

NO ONE else knows *how* to do it…

It’s OUR responsibility to do it…

Whether you are getting pumped up or trampled over, I’m going to tell you why this is not working. Actually, I’m really just going to *remind* you why this is not working…because deep down you already know!

We are either racing towards our demise on the heels of praise…

…or begrudgingly pressing on with an inner rage that is starting to seep out.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as giving 110%…or 150%…or 200%.

You do not have an unlimited supply of energy.

And it may actually upset you to hear me say this, but…

You are not giving your best.

I know, I know. You are giving your ALL and it is FAR beyond what others around you are giving…

But,…you are capable of so much more.

I know!…How is that even possible?

Because you are multi-dimensional. And the more you either singularly focus all of your energy in one direction or spread yourself too thin, the less you fully develop and fully tap into all that you can experience and achieve.

When our give-ometers and our do-ometers are out of balance, we are not only depleting the strength and vitality we need to thrive…we are draining the resources we need to even FUNCTION properly!

When we extend ourselves beyond reason, the first thing we do is take from ourselves. We say, I’ll just get up earlier, go to bed later, skip lunch, run through the drive thru, skip exercising, push out this doctor’s appointment, cancel fun

The list goes on. We stop participating in our hobbies, don’t spend time developing new interests, and after a while…

…we don’t even know who we are anymore!

Through our honorable giving and helping, we are robbing ourselves OF US. We are also keeping those around us from being touched by who we REALLY are and by all that we could be.

And I know, once you’re caught up in that life…it’s harrrrrrd to pull yourself out! I know because I’ve been there!

So, let me just start you with a bare bones basic necessity.

Take. Care. Of. YOU.

You have been running on a deficit and need to replenish in order to bring out the energy and creativity that will be required for you to BE who you want to be, DO what you want to do, and HAVE what you want to have.

When you truly start to love and care for yourself, you will have a new sense of positivity and possibility.

You can be more, do more, and have more.

You just have to decide that you are worth it!


…Well, it’s going to take more than just saying YESSSSS!

So, let’s make your commitment to you official! Why not scroll down and share below one thing you will START doing and one thing you will STOP doing so that you can love and care for yourself!? Your bravery to publicly commit may inspire someone else!


It’s OK. Here are a few ways to get some support with this!

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Whatever you decide, just decide to do something!

Your BEST LIFE is waiting for your BEST YOU to seize it!

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