Do you feel stressed out and frustrated because there never seems to be enough time left in the day for YOU?

Has this ever made you feel so unhappy that you wanted to cry?

…or scream?

Maybe at the end of your day you feel drained, but your mind won’t stop spinning through all the things you didn’t get done.

Or you wake up and you don’t know HOW you’ll muster up enough energy to get through everything that is on your plate for the day

…none of which are things YOU really want to do.

If these feelings are all too familiar, then it’s time for you to sign up for the Stress Breakthrough coaching session and understand why your days feel so hectic and out of control!

You’ll learn why your life has gotten to this point and why you are struggling to turn things around…all in under an hour.

How it works: You’ll complete a brief questionnaire and then jump on the phone for a 45-minute coaching session.
At the end, you will learn the underlying reason for your stress and how you can immediately reduce it (creating more time and energy for YOU ). You’ll also receive tips on how to alleviate the stress from those situations that are truly unavoidable.

What is the REAL reason I’m so stressed?

How can I reduce my stress NOW?

What can I do when I can’t avoid my source of stress?

Are you ready to replace stress with more joy and fulfillment?

Then register now for your Stress Breakthrough session, for only $97!

Want More Support?

Keep reading to learn how we can work together to get you the life you want!

Sacrificing your life for your job or your loved ones happens through a series of actions and thought patterns. Maybe you say “yes” more than you’d like. Or you feel guilty when you take time for YOU because you think your needs aren’t as important as the priorities of others.

Living this way means you’ve put yourself, your hobbies, and your goals on the backburner. It’s time to take control of your time, regain your energy, and focus on what YOU need and want!

This is where the Reclaim my Life program comes in!

Step 1: Reality Check

To regain control of your time AND your life, first we need to understand what’s really going on!

In this step, we’ll identify what’s monopolizing your time, zapping your energy, and keeping you from focusing on your needs and your true desires.

You’ll pinpoint any fears that could be stopping you from giving less than 200% to others (What if you have to disappoint someone? What if you actually ask for help because you really CAN’T handle it all??).

Next, we’ll look at the actual benefits you get from putting others first (possibly a sense of pride? or a need for appreciation?). Then we’ll look at the impact this is having on each area of your life.

The result? You’ll get clear on the real, underlying reasons you have become trapped in a never-ending cycle of pleasing everyone but yourself. You’ll fully realize the price you’re paying and you’ll have a new perspective about which changes will move you into feeling more fulfilled and HAPPIER!

Step 2: No Limits!

In this step, we’ll explore what YOU want!

We’ll identify what’s important to you and instead of telling yourself “I’ll get to it later,” you’ll set new priorities that actually include what YOU want (time with friends, activities, a new entrepreneurial venture?).

Next, you’ll construct your vision of what you want your life to look like – how you’d REALLY like to spend your days.

Then, we’ll strategize the steps required for you to take control of your time and say BYE to stress, so you have the energy to do the things you want to do…and finally have some “me” time.

The result? You’ll have a clear, compelling, and specific vision that will excite you! It will also keep you motivated and on-track when you are tempted to slip back into the patterns that have caused your unfulfillment.

Step 3: Obstacle Course

You have started to transform your thought patterns and actions. You’re taking some “me” time. Maybe you’ve started saying “no” more often!

Now it’s time to identify the remaining obstacles you will face when you start to make yourself even MORE of a priority.

We will develop a strategy to work around or remove the blocks keeping you from living your vision, whether those obstacles include your family members, boss, co-workers, an unwillingness to ask for help, a distrust of others’ ability to do it right, or anything more specific to your circumstances.

And as you gain insight and strategies for change, you’ll adjust your priorities and commitments each week to make room for YOU!

Care and attention to others will now be balanced with care and attention to yourself!

Imagine how GREAT this will feel!

Step 4: Set for Success!

Now that you’re finally giving yourself some much deserved “me” time and are participating in (or making plans towards) your passion activities and projects, we want to ensure you don’t lose focus on yourself and your goals as the demands of your life change.

In this last step, we will introduce tools and methods so you can monitor your progress and sustain your success.

The result?

You can reset at any time and create new priorities and actions that match your values.


Toyah has helped me to take control of the stress – something I didn’t think was possible.

…Like most women today I was constantly running around in so many directions trying to achieve goals in career, family life, and live up to societal standards. Toyah’s coaching has given me the tools I need to cut through the noise of everyday life and focus on meaningful changes to eliminate stress and create balance in my life.  I always thought stress was inevitable and something that you had to buckle up and power through, but Toyah has helped me to take control of the stress – something I didn’t think was possible.

Kathleen Back

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